Windscale Junior Open: Results

Players from across the north of England descended on Windscale Squash Club for their annual England Squash ranked open tournament.

It was the ideal opportunity for up and coming Cumbrian players to test themselves against opposition from outside the county.

There was plenty of success for Cumbrian juniors as well with home-grown players taking five of the eight competitions.

Girls under 13    
 3/29/02Michelle TangCumbria1
 3/8/02Lucy AndersonNorthumbria2
 10/10/01Aanya HamiltonNorthumbria3
 3/11/02Beth TudorNorthumbria4
 2/28/03Rebecca SmithCumbria5
 7/29/02Emily CooperCumbria6
 8/16/02Harriet WightNorthumbria7

Girls under 15    
 7/25/00Rhianne O’NeillCumbria1
 1/31/01Erin VittyNorthumbria2
 4/22/01Emma DelgatyNorthumbria3
 10/9/99Jess WightNorthumbria4
Girls under 17    
 1/27/00Eve DriverCumbria1
 10/8/99Emma RowellNorthumbria2
 6/30/99Rachel TangCumbria3
 3/16/01Jordan CorlettCumbria4
 10/8/99Amy RowellNorthumbria5
 1/26/99Daisy DobsonNorthumbria6
 4/8/99Georgia Mc GlennonCumbria7
Boys under 13    
 7/31/02Joseph BroadleyCumbria1
 5/17/02Nathan DobsonNorthumbria2
 2/3/02Zachary SingletonCumbria3
 5/25/03Christopher ButlerCumbria4
 11/17/01Dylan WattersCumbria5
 8/26/01Sam WoolaghanCumbria6
 4/8/02Leo BarnardCumbria7
 5/5/03Cameron SmaleCumbria9
 10/22/04Sam NewbyCumbria10
 7/20/04George JohnstonCumbriaWithdrew Sunday
Boys under 15    
 1/26/00Joe WareingNorthumbria1
 11/30/01Max ForsterNorthumbria2
 7/9/00Adam GillCumbria3
 2/21/02Joshua FordLancashire4
 11/12/01Aidan RaineCumbria5
 10/1/00Jacob LancasterCumbria6
 12/11/01Thomas BraggCumbria7
 8/22/01Lennox LockwoodNorthumbria8
 6/14/01Tim OuthwaiteCumbria9
Boys under 17    
 11/4/99Adam FordLancashire1
 7/23/00Keane AppletonCumbria2
 9/26/97Dominic CorlettCumbria3
 4/30/98Tom WightNorthumbria4
 12/9/99Brandon GrogginsCumbria5
 2/19/99Cameron HamiltonNorthumbria6
 9/23/99Angus ForsterNorthumbria7
 5/28/00James WilkinsonCumbria8
 5/3/00Ross SingletonCumbria9
 3/3/98Sam NicholCumbria10
Boys under 19    
 1/20/99Daniel HarrisonCumbria1
 9/24/99James WyattSurrey2
 7/16/97Gavin HoggYorkshire3
 5/25/98Jackson HollidayCumbria4