Hazel Tait award for Barbara Telfer

Barbara has been involved with Windscale Squash Club for over 25 years.  As a player, coach and organiser, she has particularly supported the development and improvement of the many young players who have come out of Windscale, and also supported county teams.  She is tireless in organising sessions and supporting the sport.  In addition, she works closely with local schools to get kids involved with the sport, has organised a number of charity events, as well as some of the high profile squash events in the county – including professional demonstrations and the South Africa Knights tours.

This is a special annual award introduced in 2005 by the Executive Committee to respect and maintain the memory of Hazel, former President of Cumbria Squash, who died in 2003 after a tragic short illness.

The award honours her name and her work in promoting and developing Cumbria Squash over more than 30 years. She was a great ambassador for the organisation and a major contributor to its success – she was also a top county player.

The award in her name is designed to recognise people who commit and dedicate themselves to the effective operation, promotion and development of Cumbria Squash over the full scope of its activities.