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Cumbria Squash County Closed - Paul and Victoria Bell triumph.....again

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The winners and runners up of the competitions were:


Group A –
Plate R/UP - Thomas Bragg
Plate Winner – Mike Lowrey
Main R/UP – Ben Hetherington
Main Winner – Paul Bell
Group B –
Plate R/UP - Wayne Kingston
Plate Winner – Adam Reid
Main R/UP – Will Box
Main Winner – Tony Hetherington
Group C –
Plate R/UP - Dave Lawson
Plate Winner – Mark Jackson
Main R/UP – Craig Holliday
Main Winner – Nathan Sellars
Group D –
Plate R/UP - Craig Drinkald
Plate Winner – Oliver Jones
Main R/UP – Dave Taylor
Main Winner – Guy Huxtable
Group E –
Plate R/UP - Brian Davis
Plate Winner – Dug Cunningham
Main R/UP – Mally Lyons
Main Winner – John Reed
Group F –
Plate R/UP - Christian Judd
Plate Winner – Richard Lee
Main R/UP – Dave Runcie
Main Winner – Ian Robertshaw
Ladies –
Plate R/UP - Lois Dixon
Plate Winner – Amy Robertshaw
Main R/UP – Eve Driver
Main Winner – Victoria Bell

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