County Closed results

An excellent turnout at the superbly organised (thanks Victoria Bell!) county closed saw Ben Hetherington and Victoria Bell crowned as champions. There were over 60 entrants, in 7 men’s competitions, and 2 women’s. Full results:

  • Women’s A comp – winner Victoria Bell, runner up Ash Hunter
  • Women’s B comp – winner Kath Gray, runner up Kayley Greenall
  • Women’s B plate – winner Anita MacWilliam, runner up Sarah Holdsworth
  • Men’s A comp – winner Ben Hetherington, runnerup Joseph Broadley
  • Men’s A comp plate – winner Will Box, runner up Thomas Bragg
  • Men’s B comp – winner Phil Sanderson, runner up Adam Reid
  • Men’s B comp plate – winner Wayne Kingston, runner up Tony Hetherington
  • Men’s C comp – winner Matty Pate, runner up Nathan Sellers
  • Men’s C comp plate – winner Ste Benson, runner up Simon Mattock
  • Men’s D comp – winner Rob Armstrong, runner up Adam Gill
  • Men’s D comp plate – winner Neil Whelan, runner up Mark Jackson
  • Men’s E comp – winner Brad Simpson, runner up John Bell
  • Men’s E comp plate – winner Paul Bell, runner up Elio Garden
  • Men’s F comp – winner Steve Dent runner up Josh Rubacs
  • Men’s F comp plate – winner Mark Thomson, runner up Dave Runcie
  • Men’s G comp – winner James Lawson, runner up Christian Judd
  • Men’s G comp plate – winner Niall Ward, runner up Aiden Whelan